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Credit information is not good how to lend it?

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  •             Enthusiastic net friend
    2018-03-15 15:25
            Hello, this situation, with the bank to explain the situation, can not pass the bad, and you can contact the credit information center to see if it meets the conditions for manual elimination of bad records, if they meet, you can immediately apply for them to help you eliminate That's it. Because every person has the opportunity of manual elimination every two years. HandleloanThe conditions: need to be between the ages of 18 and 65;Personal credit informationRecord well, no bad records; produce personal income; show proof of personal property; produce corresponding documents as required by the bank.
  •             Enthusiastic net friend
    2018-03-15 13:35
            Hello, Borrowers with bad records can find third-party guarantee agencies or individuals to assist themloan. If your own bad records are caused by carelessness, for example, because you are overdue for 1-2 times overdue, you can find a bank to open a non-malicious overdue certificate and use this proof to go to the lending bank again to apply for a loan. However, if the borrower is included in the blacklist of the credit system,Bad credit historyIt will take only five years before it is cleared, and only then will it be possible to apply for a loan from the bank.
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