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How is the loan bad?

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    2018-03-15 15:25
            Hello, this situation, explain the situation with the bank, can you pass the bad news, and you can contact the credit information center to see if it meets the conditions for eliminating bad records manually. If it is, you can apply for them to help you eliminate it. That's it. Because everyone has a chance to eliminate manually every two years. HandleloanConditions: Requires age between 18 and 65;Personal creditRecord well, no bad records; show personal income; present personal property certificate; present corresponding documents according to bank requirements.
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    2018-03-15 13:35
            Hello, borrowers with bad records can find a third-party guarantee institution or individual to help them handle If your own bad record is accidentally caused, for example, because you are overdue for 1-2 times due to negligence, you can ask the bank to open a non-malicious overdue certificate, and use this proof to apply to the loan bank again. However, if the borrower is included in the blacklist of the credit system,Bad credit historyIt will take 5 years to be cleared before you have the opportunity to apply for a loan at the bank.
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