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I am applying, how can I apply for an unsecured loan?

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  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2018-03-12 20:36
            Shenzhen can applyUnsecured loanThere are currently two types of institutions that can handle unsecured loans:
    1. Bank
    Speaking of the loan channel, the first thing people think of is the bank. It is reported that there are indeed many banks that have launched unsecured loan products, such asPing An BankSalary loan, Ningbo Bank White Collar,Hua Xia Bank Yi Dajinand many more. However, the bank's unsecured loan threshold is higher, and it is difficult to apply if the borrower does not have a higher monthly income.
    2. Loan company
    With the popularity of advanced consumption concepts, more and more people apply for unsecured loans. Under this good picture, loan companies have also joined the unsecured loan market, and the loan threshold of such lending institutions is lower than that of banks. Fast, but the charge is quite high. Therefore, borrowers who want to find a loan company to handle unsecured loans need to do their best.
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2018-03-12 17:11
            Shenzhen can apply for an unsecured loan.Personal unsecured loanThe basic conditions are: (1) is a resident of mainland China; (2) has a stable address and a place of work or business; (3) has a stable source of income; (4) noBad credit historyThe purpose of the loan cannot be used as stock trading, buying a house, etc. Application materials for personal unsecured loans (1) Provide personal identification, which may be ID card, residence permit, account book, marriage certificate, etc.; (2) Provide stable address proof, house lease contract, water and electricity payment form, property management And other relevant proofs; (3) provide a stable source of income,Bank flowSingle, labor contract, etc.
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