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Can I borrow without a mortgage?

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  • Manager Xu Credit manager Service area: Linyi Service organization: Chengxin financing
    2017-09-05 18:47
            Yes, most of the market is now unsecured and unsecured.Credit Loans   You can find out
  • Manager Zhao Credit manager Service area: Shijiazhuang Service organization: Thousands of wealth
    2017-09-05 16:01
            can doCredit Loans
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-09-05 00:59
            Yes, combined with their own needs can be selected according to the advantages and disadvantages of the following banks. Major banksUnsecured loanComparison: Ningbo Bank: First, advantages: 1. Low interest rates. If the bank is a low-interest loan, then Ningbo Bank is low, medium, low, low, low, and low to the annual interest rate to the mortgage pricing, only 7.32%. 2. One credit, can be used for three years. The white-collar bank of Ningbo Bank can be adjusted with the loan, and the quota is dynamically adjusted. The loan period is one year, and the dynamic quota can be adjusted at any time according to their own needs within three years. Second, the disadvantages: 1. The threshold is high. In economics, low returns are often accompanied by low risks, and the high threshold that comes with them becomes a shortcoming that can be predicted. According to the specific application conditions, the income must not only exceed the threshold of 5,000 yuan, but also the title of “stable professional” on the head, such as civil servants, institutions, editors, lawyers, etc., is its dish. In addition to meeting these requirements, and more importantly, you need to have a local property at the place of application. 2. The loan is slow. In order to carefully check all the potential risks, Ningbo Bank can not help but open the idea of ​​“slow work and fine work”, and release the loan as soon as 9 working days.Ping An Bank: First, the advantages: 1. The product is rich, and without losing the individual characteristics. Although all the loan products of Ping An Bank are collectively referred to as “new one loan”, there are many sub-products that meet the diverse needs of different groups of people, and each product feature directly hits people's excitement. There is no beautiful literary color, all the sub-products have a simple and easy-to-understand nickname, so that people can find the right product by looking at the name. Do not believe? You may wish to read the name, come to guess, and then answer. Policy loans, as the name suggests, the audience is the insured; with the mortgage, it is unreasonable to face the house slave; car loans, is for the car slaves with vehicle mortgage; the provident fund loan is forProvident fund deposit baseThe office worker; the loan card, the audience is the merchant in a specific business circle. 2. The loan is fast. In addition to the exclusive loan card for self-employed people, in addition to the fastest 5 working days of the loan, the other 4 products have a strong and decent style, and the funds can be distributed in the next 2 days. Second, the shortcomings: 1. The main brand of Ping An Bank, since it does not take the usual path, the risk is naturally not dare to be challenged by other banks. In view of the high-risk economic principle of high-yield, its interest rate. Pricing has no significant advantage in the banking sector, but it has filled many people who cannotBank loanWhitespace.
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-09-05 08:33
            Yes, you can consider bank credit loans. bankPersonal credit termsYes: 1. The borrower must be a natural person who is at least 18 years of age and has full civil capacity; 2. Has a permanent residence or a valid residence status in China; provides personal identification, which can be an ID card, a residence permit, or a household registration book. Marriage certificate and other information; 3, the bank's credit loan first requires the applicant to have a good credit record; 4, with loan repayment ability, provide a stable proof of occupation and income source,Bank flowSingle, labor contract, etc.; 5, can provide complete, proof of loan use of the purchase contract, car purchase contract, admission certificate, investment plan and other documents; 6, provide a stable address proof, housing lease contract, water and electricity payment form, property management And other relevant certificates; 7. Provide valid documents approved by the lending institution, and provide real and effective relevant information required by the bank;Bank loanOther conditions stipulated by the agency. Due to the difference in the expected annualized interest rates of different bank loans, the handling fees are also different. Therefore, different applicant qualifications have different situations. A loan with a good credit history will be easier. Moreover, different credit loan products have specific requirements. For example, wages and wages must be paid in the form of bank card transfers. Social security must be provided.Provident fundThe mortgage loan credit loan requires that the car loan must be repaid for more than one year and purchased for bank loans; the mortgage loan for the mortgage house requires the mortgage to be repaid for more than half a year.
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