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Individuals apply for loans at the bank. If the debt is not sue, how much will it be charged?

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  • Manager Wang Credit manager Service area: Wuhan Service Agency: Daxin Zhuohui
    2018-01-03 21:43
            Very happy to have your question:
    Malicious fraud will happen.
  • Manager Wang Credit manager Service area: Wuhan Service Agency: Daxin Zhuohui
    2018-01-04 21:37
            Very happy to have your question:
    Fraud will become prosecuted
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2018-01-02 18:43
            The amount is not the reason for the lawsuit, because your debt is up to you.Credit card limitTo limit it. The prosecution is the time when you owe money. The term of each bank is different. Generally, the arrears are not prosecuted for three months, and the bank will call you.

    Bank loanMainly divided into the following six:
        1. According to different repayment periods, it can be divided into short-term loans, medium-term loans and long-term loans;
        2. According to different repayment methods, it can be divided into current loans, term loans and overdrafts;

        3, according to the purpose of loan or object, can be divided into workCommercial loans, agricultural loans, consumer loans, securities broker loans, etc.;

        4, according to different loan guarantee conditions, can be divided intoDiscounted billsLoans, bill mortgages, commodity mortgages, credit loans, etc. 5, according to the size of the loan amount, can be divided into wholesale loans and retail loans;
         6, according to different methods of interest rate, can be divided into fixed-rate loans and floating-rate loans, and so on.
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2018-01-02 20:37
            If you oweloanIf you don't, the bank will ask you to give the loan, and if it is overdue, you may also claim interest.
    If the bank urges repayment, you still do not repay, then the bank will pass the legal route, that is, to the people's court, and you will be repaid.
    If the judgment is still not repaid, the bank can apply to enforce your property to repay the loan.
    In case of ability and refusal to execute, suspected of refusing to execute judgment or ruling
    According to the seriousness of the situation, Article 313 of the Criminal Law [Refusing to enforce the judgment or ruling] has the ability to enforce the judgment and ruling of the people's court and refuses to implement it. If the circumstances are serious, the prison shall be sentenced to three years or less. Criminal detention or fines.
    If you have been in arrears, your credit history will be recorded and the possibility of future loans will be very slim.
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