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Joint guarantee for two years, and now do not want to guarantee

Asked by: REN *** City: Zibo label: Question Time: 2017-10-16 15:22
                October 9, 2017 for othersloanGuarantee, now expired, he did not return the money, want to renew the loan, I do not want to be guaranteed, what should I do? Do I still have a guarantee?
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  • Manager Shen Credit manager Service Area: Linyi Service agencies: Cheng Xin financing
    2017-10-20 18:04
            Hello, you can change the guarantor. Looking for a guarantor change can, but must repay before they can be replaced.
  •                             Manager ZhouCredit manager Service Area: Zhengzhou
    2017-10-25 08:39
            Hello, you have to settle it later
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