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Does the SME apply to the bank for a loan?

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  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2018-03-15 12:29
    SME loandifficult. First, most SMEs are private enterprises. Because of the responsibility system, bank staff will have certain concerns. Second, SMEs have poor anti-risk ability. Third, there are still some irregularities in the management of SMEs. If some enterprises have three accounts, the last is the high transaction cost of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, if the loan is given to a large enterprise of 100 million yuan, the contract will be completed once. If the loan is given to a small enterprise, it may need to be divided several times.
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2018-03-15 18:32
            CurrentlySME loanquite difficult. On the one hand, some banks are reluctant to lend and are unwilling to lend to SMEs. On the other hand, some SMEs do have problems in terms of integrity. What are the conditions for the specific loan application? You can consult the bank's customer service.
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