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How much is the loan interest more than illegal? Does anyone know

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  • Manager Credit manager Service area: Shenzhen Service organization: Peng Yu used car
    2018-01-03 10:49
            According to current judicial practice, the monthly interest rate of more than 3 points is not protected by law.
  • 覃 manager Credit manager Service area: Dongguan Service organization: Guancheng Puhui
    2018-01-03 14:31
            4 digits above the current benchmark interest rate are not protected by law
  • Manager Wu Credit manager Service area: Linyi Service organization: Chengxin financing
    2018-01-02 17:23
            Hello, 4 points or more.
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-12-28 22:34
            Within six months (including 6 months)loan    4.35
    6 months to one year (including 1 year) loan 4.35
    One to three years (including 3 years) loan 4.75
    Three to five years (including 5 years) loan 4.75
    More than five years of loans 4.90
    Above, I am the current benchmark interest rate for loans in China. The standard for the state to determine the usury is that the interest on the loan exceeds the benchmark interest rate by four times, which is the usury loan. If the loan exceeds 4 times, the state will not protect it. However, the state does not stipulate the maximum interest on the loan, which means that the interest of the funder can be as much as you want, but if you do not pay the interest, the country will ask you to pay at least four times the interest. More than 4 times, the state will not have any protection for the funder.
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