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How to loan? What information is needed for general loans?

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    2018-03-14 15:33
            Hello, personal consumptionloanThe following materials must be prepared for the application: 1. The borrower's ID card, a copy of the household registration (identification verification record); 2. A copy of the borrower's marriage certificate (family background investigation); 3. The borrowerProof of income(The bank's reference to the lender's ability to repay); 4. The borrower's work certificate and the academic qualifications and title proof materials (the bank's reference to the lender's ability to repay); 5. The borrower opens a personal settlement account certificate at the credit union ( Establish a convenient and convenient way to withdraw money and repay loans; 6, the borrowerPersonal credit report(The review of the applicant's historical credit history, usually the bank will have someone to review this item).
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2018-03-14 23:38
            Hello,loanRequired information: 1. The borrower's valid ID card and household registration book; 2. Proof of marital status, unmarried need to provide unmarried certificate, divorce must be issued a court civil mediation or divorce certificate (not divorced after divorce); 3. Married to provide a valid ID card, residence booklet and marriage certificate for the spouse; 4. Borrower'sProof of income(Certificate of salary income or tax payment certificate for half a year); 5. Property certificate of real estate; 6. Guarantor (requires ID card, account book, knot (not) marriage certificate, etc.)
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