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What questions do you need to ask for a loan?

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  • 覃 manager Credit manager Service area: Dongguan Service organization: Guancheng Puhui
    2017-12-04 09:26
            askloanUse, is your personal basic information consistent with the application?
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-11-30 14:08
            Question 1: Personal investigation

        The most favorite questions to ask include:

        1. What is your sign? How many birthdays? (In fact, it is to verify whether your information is true or not. If the truth is clear, it will not be wrong, but the fake information is not good.)

        2. Where do you work? (In fact, I want to ask if your work is very stable. If you don't have a job or can't answer the address of your work unit, you may be directly PSAA.)

        3. How long have you been working in the current unit? What position do you engage in? (The basic time is no more than 3 months of work, you have not turned positive, how can others dare to lend? In addition, if you are a management position, you can add The premise is that the information is true! Xiaobian can not let you swollen face and fat, pretending to be the general manager!)

        4. How much is the monthly income? Is the card salary or cash wage? (The monthly income is less than 2,000 yuan. Basically, if you have bonuses or performance, you must emphasize it and add points!)

        Question 2: The family situation is greatly examined

        1. Who are the family members? (Basic examination, answering information and filling in the information may be rejected)

        2. Do parents or spouses know about your borrowing? What are their attitudes? (Ask "I don't know", be careful, answer "They don't support the"It will be directly lit red."

        3. Is the parent's health good? (Assume that the parents have recently had a serious illness, and even if they have had surgery, they are a little overdone. The letter will feel that it is particularly expensive to see a doctor, and your burden will be particularly heavy)

        Question 3: A large examination of borrowings

        1. How many pieces are in your name?credit cardAh? (Generally, 2-3 sheets are appropriate, and 4 or more cards have certain risks)

        2. Is your credit card overdue? (Be careful when you overdue more than 3 times, most of the electric audits will be rejected directly if you have more than 6 times.)
  •             Enthusiastic friends
    2017-11-30 11:27
            The first question is which kind of loan you need to apply for.Mortgagestill isCredit Loans;
    If you apply for a credit loan: Do you go to work? What is the punch rate? Is there a social security payment?Provident fund? What is the social security payment base? what occupation? How is the credit information situation? Are there real estate or cars? Is commercial insurance covered? Loan use, loan period, repayment source, age, etc.
    If you apply for a mortgage, is it a full-price commercial housing? Location, size, orientation, floor, decoration, age, etc. Is it work or how much? Loan use, loan period, repayment source, age, etc.
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