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What questions do I need to ask for a loan?

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  • Qin manager Credit manager Service Area: Dongguan Service agencies: Crown Cheng Pratt & Whitney
    2017-12-04 09:26
            askloanUse, your personal basic information is consistent with the application filled out
  •             Enthusiastic users
    2017-11-30 14:08
            Question one: personal circumstances exam

        Most like to ask questions include:

        1, what constellation ah? Birthday much ah? (In fact verify your information is true, if true blurted are not wrong, but false information is not easy to say.)

        2, where do you work? (In fact, want to ask you is not very stable work, no job or can not answer the address of the work unit may be directly PSAA)

        3. How long you work at the unit now? What role ah? (Work no more than three months of basic game, you did not positive, others how dare loans ah? Also, if you are job management class can be added Points, the premise is true information! Xiao Bian did not make you swollen face filling fat, posing as general manager ah!)

        4, how much income each month ah? Punch card or pay cash wages? (Monthly income of less than 2,000 yuan basically no chance, if you have a bonus or performance, we must focus on expression, can be a plus!)

        Question two: Family situation examination

        1, family members who have ah? (Basic examination, answering information and fill in the information may be rejected by mistake)

        2, parents or spouse know what you borrow money? What attitude they ah? (A "do not know," we must be careful, and "they do not support the applicationloan"It will be bright red light)

        3, parents these days? (Assuming that parents recently given birth to a serious illness, and even had surgery on Dianxuan, believe the trial will feel special burn doctor, and your burden will be particularly heavy)

        Question three: check the loan situation

        1, How many copies do you have?credit cardAh? (Generally 2-3 is appropriate, more than 4 there is a certain risk)

        2, Your credit card has been overdue it? (3 times overdue to be careful, 6 times most of the electricity audit will be rejected directly)
  •             Enthusiastic users
    2017-11-30 11:27
            First you have to ask what kind of loan you need to handle.Mortgagestill isCredit Loans;
    If you apply for a credit loan: Are you at work? What is the punch card salary? Whether to pay social security,Provident Fund? What is the base of social insurance payment? what occupation? Credit information how? Is there real estate, cars? Whether to pay commercial insurance? Loan purpose, loan term, repayment source, age, etc.
    If you apply for real estate mortgage loans: whether it is the full amount of commercial housing? Property location, size, orientation, floor, decoration, age and so on. Whether work, how much income? Loan purpose, loan term, repayment source, age, etc.
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